For EC Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit) with Moser Baer CUT (2048 bit DSC)




Kindly do these steps in the order mentioned.


1. Login as any user to computer. Open a terminal and at the prompt $  issue the following command

Write   sudo passwd root  ,  on the command prompt.

It will ask new password for root (two times). Now you have to re boot the machine and

re-login as user “root” with password set by you recently.


2.  Click this link to download java 

Go to /usr/lib/jvm  and   move  java-6-openjdk-i386  as then

Move the downloaded file in /usr/lib/jvm folder, unzip and run “./jdk-6u10-linux-i586.bin” file

Move the created folder “jdk1.6.0_10  as  “java-6-openjdk-i386” folder.


3. Download file .

            Unzip the file and run dpkgi <file name>

            from the unzipped folder. It will automatically start installing required files for token.


4.  Download file from  Unzipped it. Go to folder /etc

            Rename the file libccid_info.plist as and move the unzipped file

libccid_info.plist in /etc folder.


5. Go to folder “/opt” and download  file.

            Unzip the file and go to created folder ubuntu2048 to install utility.

            Run the command as “sh inst” there. Ignore the messages and reboot the machine.


6. Go to folder “/opt” and download file  here

            Unzip the and from firefox browser select.

            EditàPreferencesàAdvancedàEncryptionàView CertificatesàAuthoritiesàImport

            Select all certificates one by one and import them in system from the “chain” folder location.


7. Run the command as “ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/” 


8. Download  file.

            Unzip the file, go to created folder and open the pdf file.

            Read the file carefully, specially  section “4. Annexure” page No 21 onward.              

Make necessary configuration mentioned in this file to make signing authenticated.


9. Download  file on the desktop and unzip the .

Go to folder and issue command after inserting USB token in system.

            Run the command “java –jar DST.jar  . A GUI base application popup for signing the file.